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[12:44] AebiLoL: Im not playing another ranked game
[12:44] Fernny: Im gonna play norms to chill for a bit
[12:44] AebiLoL: same shit every game
[12:44] Fernny: You have fun tho
[12:44] AebiLoL: ok
thanks for sticking up for me in that last game
[12:44] Fernny: Yeah man no worries
[12:45] AebiLoL: Just one quesiton, if you dont mind?
[12:45] Fernny: shoot
[12:46] AebiLoL: Whats the best way to practice, I know some of that last game was my fault, but I feel norms are too easy but ranked is just a cluster fuck of bad players and good players
[12:48] Fernny: Well
The best way to practice is definitely norms
In norms you havea  ton of shit thrown at you
[12:49] AebiLoL: think im just going to play some norm draft
[12:49] Fernny: So norms is good to practice
Because you get used to being against a tough lane
I honestly feel like the only reason you lost mid
was because you were too scared to trade
It surprised me when you wouldnt go in more often
[12:50] AebiLoL: That and if I get out of tower range you jump to me, and basically one shot me
[12:50] Fernny: not early on
Talon is actually really really weak early
As leblanc use this to your advantage and keep him down
[12:51] AebiLoL: I was trying to poke you a lot early, but about mid way through the game, you started doing a ton of dmg
[12:51] Fernny: Yeah its scary but remember that thats how mid laners play
You can do a ton of damage back
I didnt build any resistance that game
That should have been your Queue to go ham on me
[12:52] AebiLoL: I might just try a diff mid lane champ, dont think leblancs right for me
Ive been playing ahri lately
not bad with her
[12:52] Fernny: Go for it man
Im sure you can do it
[12:53] AebiLoL: Last question and ill leave you alone lol
[12:53] Fernny: Sure
[12:53] AebiLoL: How do you know when your ready for ranked? I thought I was ready, and got a huge reality check
[12:54] Fernny: No worries man, same thing happened to me way back in season 2 hahaha
I remember I used to want to main adc
Then I played ranked
and I went like 0/12 every game
I stopped playing ranked for that whole season and just played norms
To find out if youre ready
You just have to know the ins and outs of your enemy champ
Free champs are great man
Try playing them if you dont own them
You get to learn a lot about new playstyles
Just play a lot more champs and find out whats the best thing your champ can do
As talon, I was great at roaming
So thats what I did
What costed you the game wasnt you
[12:56] : It was that your team was too focused on gettin kills
and never focused on getting ganked
So just learn 3 things by the time you play ranked
1. You champions. Know your strengths
2. The enemies' champs. Know their weaknesses
and 3. Be extremely aware of your surroundings. Try not to fall for ganks
When I was ganked early on, that one time he ganekd
I went for him
Because I knew that I was stronger in that position
Just learn those 3 things and youre set for diamond man
I know you can do it
[12:58] AebiLoL: thanks
What were you ranked last season?
[12:58] Fernny: I didnt play much last season honestly. I was high silver, low gold
Im shooting for high gold low plat this year
[12:58] AebiLoL: wow nice
[12:59] Fernny: You may not get better over night but youre good enough to do it in a short time
[1:00] AebiLoL: So should I just try the free champs when they come out?
Then kinda learn them, and go back to my champ and learn how I can counter them, and beat them?
[1:00] Fernny: Exactly dude! You got it!
[1:00] AebiLoL: And the thing like cs farming just comes with playing a lot of games, right?
[1:01] Fernny: Yup, theres no trick to that, just get used to it
[1:02] AebiLoL: ok, ty for all your help
[1:02] Fernny: Yup, I hope I was of any help
Have fun playing man, I'll see ya in diamond
[1:03] AebiLoL: :) thanks
Just wanna have this somewhere.


Fernando Catalan
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Personal Quote: "Nothing needs to be 'pretty',or 'flashy' to be 'perfect'"

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